When it comes to kitchen success, there is only one utensil that matters

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Cooking is a skill that requires a few high-quality tools, fresh ingredients, and simple instructions. With the right tools at your disposal, you can increase the quality of your work in practically any endeavour. A well-seasoned skillet or a casserole dish that has been passed down from generation to generation may make cooking a more pleasant experience. However, this can only be achieved if you have the right tools. Choosing the best kitchen knives malaysia is essential in this matter.

Since the chef’s knife is used in the preparation of almost every meal, it is an essential tool in a kitchen. It is safer and more consistent to slice with a sharp knife since it provides more control and less slippage. In addition, cutting with a sharp knife is simply more fun. When it comes to tasks like mincing garlic and delicate herbs or breaking down that obstinate butternut squash you got from your community supported farm, a well-knifed chef’s knife is a must (CSA).

Picking the right knife for the job
best kitchen knives malaysia

Investing the effort to find a knife you like is definitely worth it when you’re dealing with such an important tool. During the 18-month process of creating the Misen Chef’s Knife, steel and feel were the main considerations. While there are a lot of great knives on the market with a broad range of different qualities, we concentrated on just those two aspects during that time period.


In general, the harder the steel, the longer the blade can retain its razor-sharp edge. Once upon a time, you could only choose between stainless steels or hard carbon steels that were susceptible to corrosion when wet. In spite of this, high-carbon stainless steels can now be made that are both exceedingly hard and resistant to corrosion. This is due to technological breakthroughs. Here at the firm, we use a high carbon Japanese steel called AUS-8.

If a knife doesn’t feel nice in your hand, no matter how excellent the steel is, you won’t use it, no matter how wonderful the steel is. Having a well-balanced knife in your hand is important. It is not necessary to have bolsters in a chef’s knife, but we opted to include one in the Misen since we discovered that having one when cooking boosted both comfort and support greatly. The most common blade lengths are between 8 and 10 inches, although some people like a shorter blade, and make sure you’re using the proper “pinch” grip when you hold it.

Your knife’s upkeep and maintenance
best kitchen knives malaysia

In spite of its long lifespan, a high-quality knife is not a crude tool; rather, it is a precision tool. Keeping a knife in peak condition demands some amount of upkeep. The following is a list of some standard suggested practises for keeping your knife’s cutting edge sharp:

  • When cleaning, always use warm, soapy water and make sure to properly dry everything after each usage. This is a good rule of thumb. Using a dishwasher is bad for your knife because of the high temperatures, strong chemicals, and overall rattling that takes place.
  • It is inevitable that even the greatest blades will ultimately lose their edge. Using a whetstone to restore a dulled edge is our preferred approach, but if you’re not into the whole “sharpen by hand” thing, you can always get it done by experts.
  • Keep your knife covered while not in use to prevent damage to the blade, but even if you install a guard to keep it safe, don’t just throw it in there.

Your knife’s edge will last longer if you utilise a high-quality cutting board. End-grain wood and rubber are the best materials for cutting boards. It is not recommended to use marble or glass as a cutting board since they are too hard for blades and may cause significant damage to the edge of the blade An excellent knife will last you for many years if used with care.