SAP Learning Hub Malaysia with ABeam Consulting

Before we go further on this topic, are you well aware of what SAP Learning hub Malaysia is? Because if you do not know what it is, it would not be fun to talk about. Do not skip this if you are interested in upgrading and improving and level up your role and skill level in your organization. SAP stands for systems, applications, and products in data processing, where it often included training in human resource software administration, database management and also business training. 

However it is undeniable that, in line with the technology development in this digital era, you can easily get your SAP learning hub easily on the internet right? But you probably still hesitate and doubt in choosing which consultant agency that is worth your penny and you should use. Worries not because ABeam Consulting can be the most trustworthy with a very high potential in helping you level up your business performance.

Here are reasons why ABeam Consulting could be one of the best choice:

It Develops The New Innovation

ABeam definitely is one step ahead because after 20 years of partnership with SAP, it started to develop initiative by adapting the latest technologies to enable our clients to have consultation easily. Specialized consultants are assigned to this service.

ABeam Consulting’s Achievements

To prove that ABeam Consulting is a high profile company, let us see how it earned Project Award Grand Prize on its services and performance:

  • Project Award Grand Prize

ABeam Consulting has been awarded jointly to NEC Corporation and NEC Solution Innovators because it has been advancing DX in transformation that is based on the “Trinity Plus One Reform”.

  • The Best Service Partner

SAP license sales were achieved as a high result for a good performance in project and assisting several companies in renewing their management foundations as they advance DX.

  • The Best Cloud Partner

With the best cloud solutions in addressing varieties of corporate business agendas that are involving corporate, ABeam has been seen as the best contributor to cloud services/solutions sales among new SAP licenses during the year.

  • The Best Resource Partner

ABeam then managed to get the highest marks for successfully achieving the great number of new accreditations in a year and the most up-to-date market with in-demand specialized consultants in the country. 

  • No. 1 Experts in The Japanese Market.

ABeam Consulting has been known as the No. 1 experts in the Japanese Market with more than 5700 of SAP validated certifications worldwide including 5109 the biggest of holds in Japan. 

How ABeam Consulting Works on The Project

#1 Liaison Offices

By using The Liaison Offices that was established in 2016 in Walldorf Germany.

#2 Global Networks

Expanding clients’ businesses operations overseas in a safe and effective manner.

#3 Methodology/templates

The numerous and diverse SAP consulting services are experts in tailoring the clients’ business operations and this industry due to the specialized consultants that they are in.

#4 Related services

  • Service overview
  • Business applications
  • Business continuity and evolution
  • Business creation and innovation
  • Service applications
  • Infrastructure services 
  • Security and monitoring
  • Security diagnosis that meets client requirements