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ABC disseminates verified, transparent and accountable circulation numbers of its members; it is not arbitrary.

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July to December 2016

The verified audited circulation and distribution numbers announced by ABC reflect a true and fair measurement of our members marketing and communication reach. This is a prudent tool available for marketing communication decisions…

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There are publications out there that exaggerate their circulation figures to look more attractive to media buyers and advertisers.

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Buying property on the blockchain is a more secure way to purchase real estate than using a traditional bank. There's also no need for paperwork as this process is mostly paperless. In fact, there are several countries that cannot issue titles with digital signatures. The biggest benefactor of this trend is that the process is
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More of a component's visible surface area may be seen when it is chopped up into smaller bits so that they may be distributed throughout the meal. When dealing with strong-flavored ingredients like garlic, ginger, onion, and broth, precision and attention are required throughout the cutting process. With bigger sizes, a larger surface area is
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Renting office space is a realistic alternative for start-up organizations. While having one's own personal office may be a huge benefit for a firm, small enterprises just starting out may not be able to afford it. A fantastic choice for those who are just starting out and can't afford to purchase their own office space
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Malaysia GDP forecast for 2017 is 4.4%, higher than the expected 4.2% for 2016, due to domestic growth and consumer spending. Click on the link for more: Dan Eye January 2017 – Carat’s Monthly Update – January 2017
Trump’s anti-immigration policies and Malaysia’s China pivot hurts international relations and might even spur vicious trade wars, with Trump a vocal China critic. Click on the link for more: Dan Eye December 2016 – Carat’s Monthly Update – December 2016
While Ringgit has “turned the corner” for now, there are few signs of a recovery to 4.0/USD-levels as demand for Malaysian assets remain “tepid” while foreign reserves are “much weaker” historically speaking. Click on the link for more: Dan Eye June 2017 – Carat’s Monthly Update …
Strong trade, GDP data augurs well for possible 2017 Elections. Click on the link for more: Dan Eye July 2017 – Carat’s Monthly Update – July 2017
Malaysia enters second half on guarded note. Click on the link for more: Dan Eye August 2017 – Carat’s Monthly Update – August 2017
Arriving at the last quarter of the year, we now look at some key movements that impact national and industry-specific economy. Click on the link for more: Dan Eye October 2017 – Carat’s Monthly Update – October 2017
To view the press conference photos, kindly click the following link. /news-and-events/press-conference-announcement-of-audited-net-circulation-distribution-jan-jun-2015/

Gallery of Media Conference

Catch the 17th ABC Media Conference 2016 in Phuket, Thailand highlights here!

The Audit Bureau of Circulations Malaysia (ABCM) appointed Ms Foong Ai Peng as its Chairman during the 42nd Annual General Meeting on June 19, 2017.

Ai Peng is currently the Head of Media and Budget Management in Maxis and is a marketing communications specialist with more than 15 years in the telecommunications industry.

She has varied experience, having started her career as a Public Relations/Events Executive at a local PR firm. This propelled her to manage advertising and promotions in Maybank before joining Maxis in 2002, where she continues to enhance her skill sets.

Ai Peng has been actively involved with the Malaysian Advertisers Association as a Council Member and has been the Vice Chairman of ABC from 2015 – 2016, where she headed the Audit Committee and was the Organising Committee Head for the 17th ABC Media Workshop in Phuket, 2016.

Announcement of New ABC Chairman 2017 – 2019