Why Audit Circulation

The truth behind every circulation claim

Audited circulation numbers ensure that advertising expenditure is made on the basis of accurate information and not just groundless claims. Use of such information in media selection ensures advertisers’ marketing budgets can be evaluated on cost-efficiency of the advertising ringgit (CPM).

Why ABC?

ABC is an independent non-profit bureau with a membership that consists of publishers, advertisers, advertising agencies and media specialists. This truly reflects the print media marketplace where each member has a voice in the establishment of the Bureau’s bylaws, rules, definitions and standards. Each member also has a voice in electing representatives to the Bureau’s Board of Directors.

ABC’s Audit Reports and Publishers’ Statements sends a strong message to newspaper and magazine advertisers and media buyers that the circulations claims are above reproach.

With ABC verification, buyers are assured that the circulation data that they use are credible, reliable and accountable.