Reuben Vijaratnam

Country Director, Malaysia

Topic – Winning at social, powered by technology
Abstract: The rise of social media is a relentless one, powered by players such as Facebook, Line, Snapchat and many more that have not yet risen to prominence. With hours upon hours being spent on this platforms by users who are sharing every single morsel of their lives, the amount of data captured in the social world is boundless. How do marketers take advantage of this, to truly understand and personalize communications to their target audiences at scale, driven by technology and a deeper understanding of how to segment users.

Profile:  Rueben has been in the digital industry for 8 years, starting his career reselling media for MSN in Malaysia. He then played a pivotal role in setting up the direct Yahoo office in Malaysia, eventually moving on to lead the team at Yahoo Malaysia and expanding his portfolio to include the emerging Southeast Asia market. He returns this year from being based in Singapore to lead the Adknowledge team in Malaysia, bringing to fore his familiarity with the Malaysian media landscape.