Geoff Tan

Managing Director

Topic – Fix it, even if it ain’t broken!
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – a phrase attributed to Thomas Bertram Lance, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget in Jimmy Carter’s 1977 administration, is today definitively passe.  Although Lance meant well when he said this, suggesting that the government of that era focus on fixing things that are broken, the tables have overturned in this disruptive digital era of the now!  Gone are the days where the past helps you prepare for the future.  Chief Marketing Officers are quickly being replaced by Chief Growth Hackers.  Flogging off inventory is hugely unfashionable, selling solutions is what’s in vogue.  Buying ads in a publication is old school, engaging with specific-audiences-of-choice is the new religion.  Undimensional media buys are Jurassic, trans-media plans involving a multiplicity of touch-points are what’s driving conversions.   The Singapore Press Holdings group constantly employs cutting-edge strategies to stay ahead of the curve.  In this session, Geoff will be drilling down on these initiatives – all in the name of future-proofing the media business!  His adage?  Even if it ain’t broken, fix it, and make it better!

Profile: As Managing Director, Luxury & Custom Publishing, Geoff is in charge of The Peak and ICON, two of the most notable names in the luxury market, with extensions coming under The Peak Selections Gourmet & Travel, The Peak Selections Timepieces, ICON Moments, and ICON Weddings.  He also oversees SPH Magazines’ portfolio of custom publications, such as SilverKris, the travel magazine of Singapore Airlines which won the Best Hospitality / Travel Publication by Content Marketing Awards 2015 and Merit Award, Travel Media of the Year by MPAS Awards 2015.Prior to joining SPH Magazines, Geoff was heading the strategic marketing portfolio in SPH’s Marketing Division, overseeing 5 departments including Business Development, Research & Analytics, Content Marketing, Product Branding & Promotions, and a Creative Lab.  He was also responsible for evangelizing SPH’s integrated media ideology to the advertising fraternity at large.  His earlier contributions involved taking charge of the advertising sales for SPH newspapers across multiple industry sectors, and leading the strategy arm of SPH’s digital business.  Geoff is also a mentor to start-up companies housed within the SPH Plug and Play media accelerator initiative.Geoff has spoken at major industry conferences in Australia, Austria, Denmark, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Canada.  Geoff was conferred the PANPA 2011 MARKETER OF THE YEAR accolade by the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association for outstanding performance in marketing for a newspaper publishing company.