Eugene Chan

Head of Communications & Marketing Services

Topic – How Batman Wins – Shifting mindsets in disruptive times
Abstract: Journey of Nestle has taken to embrace digital and be disruptive with examples and context of the speed of change in today’s -disruptive economy. Importantly, to talk about the need to adopt a change mindset in order to flourish in these disruptive times and that the traditional way of looking at our roles in marketing/sales is no longer relevant and even dangerous.

Profile: Eugene is the Head of Communications and Marketing Excellence for the Nestle Malaysia-Singapore Region. A corporate adventurer-at-heart, Eugene has spent the last 13 years exploring the world with Nestle (Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, New Caledonia, Thailand and now Malaysia) in a variety of Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Communications roles. Often deployed as a change-agent for the company, Eugene is as passionate about creative story-telling as he is about building “eco-systems” and growing teams to support innovative brand building. Over the course of his lifetime, he has written a children’s storybook, swam with sharks for recreation and almost moved to Hollywood.