Darin Williams

Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Topic – Building Your Brand with programatic Video
Abstract: Consumers are moving across screens and consuming media in all formats, creating a challenge for traditional Brand Marketing efforts to efficiently and effectively reach their target audiences. Here’s what you will learn:How do brands and agencies leverage this new wave of digital video to reach their target audience and move them along the consumer journey path?How do brands ensure their videos are being seen in a brand safe environment that aligns with their messaging?How can you leverage technology to address the fragmentation of media consumption and effectively reach your target audience at scale. Join Darin Williams, Managing Director of TubeMogul Southeast Asia for an interesting and informative session

Profile: Darin Williams joined TubeMogul in November, 2015 as Managing Director of Southeast Asia following his role as Head of Talent Solutions for SEA with LinkedIn and previously as Director of SEA with Facebook. Prior to this time, he worked with Nielsen in various senior roles across Asia for over 15 years. Darin is passionate about Asia market dynamics and strategy and has developed markets for numerous companies in locations as diverse as Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam, and Singapore. In his spare time, Darin has an interest in financial markets and also education for children in under-served markets – and has helped refurbish schools in Vietnam. Darin is a graduate of Michigan State University where he has a Bachelor of Science and an M.A in Labor and Industrial Relations.