Audit Reports – July to December 2016

The verified audited circulation and distribution numbers announced by ABC reflect a true and fair measurement of our members marketing and communication reach. This is a prudent tool available for marketing communication decisions in terms of  advertising expenditure spend and  geographical reach to plot brand footprints in an economy.

Amongst the objectives for verifying these figures is to give a reasonable assurance on the optimization of the yield from the advertising ringgit spend. Reasonable assurance is a high level of assurance but not a guarantee that an audit will always detect a material misstatement when it exists as misstatements can arise from fraud or error not detected during an audit.

However, ABC believes that the auditors engaged to perform the circulation and distribution audit exercise professional judgement and maintain professional scepticism throughout the audit. Advertisers and advertising practitioners are encouraged to utilise publications that have had their circulation and distribution audited and verified by ABC Malaysia periodically as the members of ABC are committed to transparency in measuring their brand’s presence.

Please download the latest audit reports below

NOTE: ABC has revised its Price Bands and State Analysis Tables of its Newspaper Members so that the users of the tables can obtain information on the circulation / distribution of all its members from single reference tables. The information of members who adopt a paid circulation model are shown separately from those who adopt a free distribution model.

ABC Circulation Figures – July to December 2016