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June 30, 2016

ABCM 41st Annual General Meeting Chairman’s Message


Good Afternoon

Board Members, Members of ABC, Media Members, Ladies and Gentleman.

Independently verified circulation data by ABC which conforms to transparency and reliability remain in crucial demand.

During the period 1st July 2015 to 31st December 2015, 2.29 Million Copies of newspapers were circulated daily in the country. This represents 12 daily newspapers in Peninsular and 13 newspapers in East Malaysia. The average net circulation per publishing day of newspapers in the different languages was as follows:

  • Bahasa Malaysia                    679,113 copies
  • English                                    732,009 copies
  • Chinese                                   838,211 copies
  • Tamil (a single member)         45,037 copies

Print remains a major part of business and is likely to retain this status quo in the future. In 2015, newspapers garnered RM4.1Billion in Ad Revenue representing 28% of total ADEX in the country.

Nevertheless, print publishers are adapting and expanding their business model to satisfy this new demand trends into digital via mobile, websites, social and video dissemination of news, as consumers are rapidly adopting cross screen devices for their news consumption.

This is evident in the net average circulation of digital replica editions of newspapers. It enjoyed a remarkable growth of 42% in the second half of 2015 compared to that in the first half of the year.

We at ABC understand the challenges faced by the print media and the difficulties in switching to digital editions. We appreciate that this requires more than publishers allocating a huge outlay but we are pleased that Members are meeting the complex needs of the digital age.

In further strengthening our standing, ABC terminated the membership of titles that failed to furnish their returns. The refusal of publications to submit figures for verification negates the authenticity of their self-generated numbers and harms the advertisers and media planners.

An ABC audit bears the strictest method of derivation and upholds transparency to assure advertisers and media specialists to rely upon these figures as the basis of their marketing and advertising strategies. ABC numbers lend themselves as a tool as they form a credible set of numbers that present immense value.

As such, we continued to actively monitor the use of the ABC logo as well as our data to prevent the unrestrained abuse of the logo and expunge misleading data.

We are proud to see ABC striving to serve publishers and advertisers in the cross-media market in Malaysia to deliver trust and accountability as the industry evolves.

I have been very honoured to have had the opportunity to serve as the Vice Chairman and Chairman of ABC over the last two years. Unfortunately due to work commitments I have to relinquish my position as the Chairman and hence with pleasure I would like to announce that the next Chairman is Mr Yap Chee Weng who was nominated by MSA. Mr Yap has 26 years of media experience, managing a wide range of clienteles and is no stranger to the media industry.

It is with great confidence that I state that the incoming Chairman, Mr. Yap Chee Weng, and Vice-Chairman, Ms. Foong Ai Peng, will move ABC further along the course that we have charted. They make up a strong delegation from the advertising industry.

ABC is not policing the industry or acting as a regulatory body. ABC reports true numbers. The size of the circulation is not as important as the integrity of the numbers.

I thank my fellow Board Members, past and present, who had worked diligently and selflessly in and on the various committees and projects to successfully raise and bolster the position and profile of ABC.

I end by urging you to tender the same support that you have extended to my team and me in the last two years, as we look forward to seeing ABC grow exponentially under a new leadership.

I shall now invite Mr Yap Chee Weng, the in-coming ABC Chairman to say a few words before we proceed with the agenda of the meeting.

Thank you.


(Outgoing Chairman) Fan and Chee Weng (Incoming Chairman) to accompany the speech.

(Outgoing Chairman) Fan and Chee Weng (Incoming Chairman) to accompany the speech.


Founded in 1975, The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) is a non-profit industry sponsored organization to verify and report facts of the circulation of newspapers and magazines, as well as other auditable media.


For more information on ABC, please visit abcm.org.my or contact the Secretariat at Macomm Management Services Sdn. Bhd. at +603-7660 8535