Delivering trust

ABC is dedicated to being the pre-eminent self-regulatory auditing organisation, responsible to advertisers, advertising agencies and the media they use, for the verification and dissemination of our members’ circulation data and other relevant information for the benefit of the advertising marketplace.


To accomplish this mission, we renew our commitment to ABC’s charter statement, “facts without opinion”, and the following Core Beliefs that have built our reputation since 1975 in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

We believe that it is the people of ABC – our Members, our Board of Directors and our Staff – who will preserve our credibility, established and maintained to our commitment to the highest level of integrity and objectivity.

We believe we must actively identify the needs of our industry, and develop qualification requirements, verification standards and reporting services which respond to those needs.

We believe we must provide a forum that allows for a balance of interest between the buyers and the sellers of advertising within a non profit organisation.

We believe we must continue our commitment to the development of technological resources that enhance the accuracy, breadth and timeliness of our verification and reporting services in a manner which is cost effective for our members.

These Core Beliefs will not be compromised.

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