Board of Directors

Meet the keepers of media integrity

The Board consists of 20 members of the ABC and nominees from the Industry associations – the Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA), the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (4As), the Media Specialist Association (MSA), Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), proprietors or publishers of newspapers or other periodicals and proprietors of media other than print media.

  • Mr. Karthi Palanisamy

    4As – Crush Communications

  • Mr. Fan Chen Yip

    Dentsu Aegis Network

Malaysian Advertisers Association (5)
  • Ms. Yong Aik Hwa

    Danone Dumex

  • Ms. Chan Sheow-Vern

    Unilever Malaysia

  • Ms. Emily Lim

    L’Oreal Malaysia

  • Mr. Jeffrey Woo

    Digi Telecommunications

  • Ms. Foong Ai Peng

    Maxis Mobile Services

Media Specialist Association (3)
  • Mr. Fan Chen Yip

    Dentsu Aegis Network

  • Ms. Sherene Mak

    Sen Media

  • Ms. Chew Kagee

    Universal McCann

Association of Accredited Advertising Agents, Malaysia (2)
  • Cik Yasmin Mokhtar

    Cik Yasmin Mokhtar

    McCann Erickson

Publishers • PRINT (16)
  • Mr. K. Sree Pathmanathan

    Mr. K. Sree Pathmanathan


  • Mr. Donald Cheah Hin Soon

    Mr. Donald Cheah Hin Soon


  • Mr. Anthony Wong

    Mr. Anthony Wong

    New Sabah Times

  • Mr. Jeremy Lim Tze Leong

    Mr. Jeremy Lim Tze Leong

    New Sabah Times

  • Mr. Pattrik Ting

    Mr. Pattrik Ting

    Borneo Post

  • Mr. Phillip Lau

    Mr. Phillip Lau

    Borneo Post

  • Mr. Eugene Wong

    Mr. Eugene Wong

    Sin Chew

  • Mr. Jeffrey Mun

    Mr. Jeffrey Mun

    Sin Chew

  • Ms. Lim Bee Leng

    Ms. Lim Bee Leng

    The Star

  • Mr. Jimmy Poey Yee Meng

    Mr. Jimmy Poey Yee Meng

    The Star

  • Mr. Chan Kien Sing

    Mr. Chan Kien Sing

    The Sun

  • Mr. Prashun Dutt

    Mr. Prashun Dutt

    The Sun

  • Ms. Jeannie Leong Lee Eu

    Ms. Jeannie Leong Lee Eu

    New Straits Times

  • Mr. Giam Tee Hoong

    Mr. Giam Tee Hoong

    New Straits Times

  • Encik Jamal Ahmed

    Encik Jamal Ahmed

    Utusan Malaysia

  • Mr. Loi Kien Leon

    Mr. Loi Kien Leon

    Utusan Malaysia

Malaysian Digital Association
  • Mr. Serm Teck Choon

    Star Publications

  • Mr. Pete Yoong

    Better Digital Solutions


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