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Why Be A Member?

Benefits of auditing publications

1. To provide assurance to advertisers that the circulation they are buying is being delivered.
2. To provide assurance to advertisers that the circulation of all audited media vehicles are being reported on the same basis:
• Standard Definitions
• Uniform Qualifications
• Comparable Reports
3. To provide assurance to audited publishers that their competitors are being measured on the same objective and vigorous basis as they are.
4. To bring discipline and credibility to the print media marketplace.

How do members make media buyers aware of their ABC affiliation?

ABC rules allows members whose initial audits are completed to publicise their affiliation with the use of the ABC logo and the words ‘Member of Audit Bureau of Circulations’.

Join ABC

Get audited and be a part of change

Step 1

Review the requirement for membership.

Step 2

Complete the application forms for ABC Membership along with Audit Returns.

Step 3

Submit a recent copy of your publication.

Step 4

Submit a cheque for the payment of the entrance and subscription fees.


1. The publications or media vehicles must sell advertising space.
2. New publications must have a settling down period of 3 to 6 months after launch before the first initial audit can commence.


Application Process

The application kit consists of the following items:

1. Application for Membership.
2. A form to apply for a share in the Bureau at a nominal cost of RM1.00.
3. Permanent and Additional Information – it will contain all information on the publication. A recent copy of the publication must be sent along with the application.

It is important that you nominate an individual from your publication who will serve the Bureau as the representative member. This person will be the contact person between the Bureau and your publication and will be the same person to represent and protect your interests by electing the ABC’s Board of Directors.



The audit rules and return form are also included in your membership kit. The audit returns are always completed by an auditor who must be registered with the Malaysian or Singapore Association of Accountants.



The application forms together with the most recent audit returns must be submitted to the Bureau. Do not forget to include a copy of your publication.


Membership Fees

Entrance Fees: RM1,000.00
One Ordinary Share: RM1.00


Annual Subscription

Newspaper: RM40.00 per ’000 circulation
Magazines: RM40.00 per ’000 circulation
The minimum subscription payable is RM2,000.00


What Happens After ABC Receives Your Application?

The secretary of the Bureau will table your application at the next Membership Committee Meeting. The audit returns will be tabled at the following Audit Committee Meeting. When both Committees recommend the publication for membership, the application will be presented for approval at a Board Meeting. ABC Membership becomes official upon approval by the Board.


Circulation Audit

The audit procedures are as follows:

Paid publications

the print order, receipt of payment and returns are checked and all must correspond.

Free publications

the print order to be checked and in addition to the receipt of payment for the print order.

Controlled publications

a check on the distribution and acknowledgement.

Return on Average Net Sales

Returns are mandatorily required for a twelve-month period, i.e. 1st July to 30th June of the following year. The returns must be submitted to the Bureau by 15th September following the 30th June date to which the period relates.